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MMQAL: Winner!

Hi everyone! It's a long weekend in Australia so I'm enjoying some time to myself while blogging this! I've got my coffee, the cafe is buzzing, and I feel like the kind of grownup who doesn't utter the phrase "potty in the big girl potty" forty-seven times a day. Ahh. So nice. :)

But on to business!

Last week for the link-up we had this fabulous prize:


And the winner of this week's giveaway is....

Lucky number 3! Ali at AliMakes!! Congrats Ali! An email has been sent. :)

Tomorrow we'll be talking about the next border - all those tiny strips!! - and I'll be exploring a few alternative borders, too!

Can't wait to see all your progress! Keep on posting on Flickr, Instagram and linking up here!


Penny xx


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