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Well, right.

I could cry... I just had a huge entry typed and BANG, it disappeared. I really hope that tomorrow's Apple announcement has something to do with schmicker, slicker MacBook Airs. Because this one, and it's struggling little Fanta-coated innards, are not cutting the mustard!

(PS The Fanta is what happens when you put bright orange things within kicking distance of a seven month old baby. The guy at the Genius Bar said he didn't even understand how this laptop turned on anymore, it was so covered. Yikes.)

But look, I'll put in the pictures I was going to before the Big Lost Entry of 2012 happened, so you all can see what I've been up to this week!

These Swoon blocks became pillows for a wedding gift for my friend N & K. Congratulations you guys! :)

Swoon Pillows


This is my current creative project. It's for a quilt show, I hope, so I am taking it really slow and enjoying the fastidious design process.

work in progress


This little mermaid pouch was my reward for having a cranky baby today.

pouch pull


This Swoon block is the start of a quilt for my sister W, who is moving out of home for the first time this year and going to a big college! I'm proud.

Swoon block #1


I had some posting to do. Not only did I send a friend some batting, I also sent my old Kona card to my Aunt Rose! I hope she likes her mail surprise. :)

postie jenn


I cut my finger putting ClearGrip on my new, superawesome 24"x6" Matilda's Own ruler. Yowie!



I bought and built a bookcase tonight for all the DVDs. Piper hasn't really clued into the fact that there is stuff behind those doors. Literally she thinks if it's out of sight, it doesn't exist. I like this. This can be fact for a little while longer.


DVDs protected from Baby Tornado aka Piper :)


This is the quilt I sent in for the comp I entered this week. It's my Nicey quilt. I love it (it's my favorite by total accident) and sending it off was hard but I'm glad I did!

Nicey Girls Quilt

Well, that's it for me. I'll be at the next two Sydney Modern Quilt Guild meetings - hopefully some of you will come along too! Can't wait to get my sewing on with our great group of like-minded gals. YAY! For now, though, bedtime, and a lovely snuggle under my mermaid quilt. Life is GOOD.

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