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a little about me.

I'm in my late twenties. I'm married (to Mr Poppleton) and have a daughter (Piper) who is still very small. I am a writer of fiction, mostly novels, mostly coming-of-age-for-people-who-have-already-come-of-age. I am a dressmaker turned quilter. I have lots of sisters. I love going to my local cafe with my Rhodia dot pads and figuring out quilt blocks, or scribbling writerly ideas in my large Moleskine Cahiers with my treasured Sharpie Pens. I live in Sydney and there are lots of trees. I love learning new things, reading young adult novels, stalking people on Twitter, and generally being hilarious.

This is a record of the projects I undertake. I intend to explore the creative processes of writing, crafting, and parenting in this blog. This space really is for myself, but I hope there's something here for you, too.

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love. :)

September 4, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterkatie

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