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Portable Sewing Kit

A question came up on my Facebook page yesterday: "What does everyone keep in their portable sewing kit?"

I have an answer for this, and I thought it might be fun if everyone shared their sewing kits on Instagram (hashtag #showyoursewingkit). But I brought it here to talk about in a little more depth.

Here are the contents of my sewing kit.

In my portable sewing kit


  • Sewline Marking Pen - This comes as a duo with an eraser pen. I use this to mark hexagons mostly.
  • Seam-Fix Seamripper - The rubbery tip can be used as an eraser to nudge tiny threads out of fabric.
  • Sewline Needle Threader - Has a magnet, needle case (which I can't use with my long needles), threads the needle, and has a tiny blade on one side for cutting thread.
  • Busyfingers Patchwork Size 9 Milliners' Needles - my favorite for applique
  • Bohin Size 9 Milliners' Needles - my favorite for hexagons
  • Clover Hera Marker - I use this for most of my marking. Especially nice for tryig to press tiny applique seams - just press it along your line and it forms the crease for you! Also good for HSTs and quilting lines.
  • Burt's Bees Chapstick - Because I have thirty of these in my house and this is where one of them lives
  • Famore scissors - Very sharp and the pointed tip is perfect to snip threads mid-seam
  • Clover Wonder Clips - Great for starting hexagon basting or holding things in place
  • Matilda's Own 1" x 6" Ruler - Used for marking HSTs and other straight line work
  • Aurifil Thread (in a few different colors) - 50wt (red) is preferred over 40wt green) but I use what I have based on color of thread
  • Bostik Glue Stick - for sticking my hexagon papers to my cut fabric pieces. Just a touch to keep them together!
  • Clover Open Thimble - For hand-quilting this is a lifesaver. Goes over long fingernails and can adjust down.
  • Clover Needle Threaders - These little ones usually go in individual project bags - they have a blade so you can cut thread without scissors and they're tiny, making them great for planes
  • Needle Gripper - This is primarily for hand-quilting, as I quilt with perle cotton and sometimes I need a bit of grip
  • Roxanne's Applique Glue - used to hold my applique down without all those poky pins.


That's my sewing kit! I'd love to see what you use for your handsewing! :)