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Technicolor Galaxy

Did I mention that I was taking a year off of swaps/bees/sewing responsibilities? So far it has been really nice. I've had a few very necessary breaks from my machine, and spent a bit of time with my laptop. I started making another Aviatrix for a teaching sample. I've been enjoying hand quilting and hand sewing. And I joined the Technicolor Galaxy BOM from Pile O' Fabric.

I changed it up a bit. But I like the low volume fabric as relief around the mixed prints.

It's a skill builder quilt and it's QAYG (quilt as you go). I was extremely daunted by the central block because it looks really complex, but the instructions and the video are REALLY well put together. Not to mention, the Facebook group is actually one of the nicest and most supportive I've ever experienced. Lots of participation and helpful hints! It's wonderful!

I have an extremely sore back, but I'm very pleased with myself. ;)

The first block has a lot of new-to-me techniques, including making 3/8" bias tape for Celtic-style appliqué, glueing down pieces to a muslin before applying the bias tape, and using my brand new tiny Clover iron. (What a useful and cute purchase!)

Oh happy day. Now to quilt it all down!

I am already quilting it - with Aurifil 12wt of course - and loving the way it looks. I will outline all the shapes and then decide on further designs. (It won't be complex, that's for sure.)

I didn't get very far last night, but I'm pretty happy with how it's looking! #technicolorgalaxy #perlequilting

I have a loose plan for the whole quilt, but I may keep it in these shades. It looks pretty as a rainbow, but I think it would be amazing with blue and purple with magenta, warm golds, and lush blue-greens. I may do a few more coloring sheets to see what looks good! I should definitely restrict my palette. I do everything in rainbow, it seems. :)

I think this is where I'm going....

Of course there will be a LOT of low-volume fabrics used in this one!

I already can't wait until next month!


a new year.

The general consensus is that 2014 was a hard year. So let's put it to bed and move on.

I do like this holiday; there's something a bit nice about the idea of starting fresh. And of course we can do that every day or week or month, but it's nice to have the prospect of such a large chunk of time devoted to getting a bit better. I like to choose resolutions that focus on growth (as opposed to those that focus on whittling down; you all know what I'm talking about). Though I rarely do resolutions myself, to be honest.

I started this year with a freshly organized stash.

And DONE. So much better. #cleanallthethings

(Trust me, it needed it!)

Y'all SERIOUSLY. #honestcraftroom #notdealingwithittonight #insteaddrinkingwhiskey #gahhhh

I started this year with the cutest babies on the planet. They even play together nicely sometimes.

Oh man, these two.

I started this year with this great guy by my side. Every step we take, we take together.

Extremely thankful this guy is home.

I started this year off with a finished group quilt top, ready to be quilted by yours truly. It's a stunning top and Tash did so much work to make it happen.

SydMQG quilt top done!! 😍😍😍

And another long term WIP just about finished. So far 48/64 blocks are done; the last sixteen are just waiting to get started.

25/64 done. Phew. Think I'll have to send this one out! #sailorstars

A good start to 2015.

My husband and I usually drive the babies to sleep. We talk in the car, and listen to music, and it's actually time for us to reconnect as partners, not just be parents. Sometimes we drive to a nearby hill we call the Sunset Spot. Tonight, on the first day of the new year, it did not disappoint.

What a gorgeous end to the first day of 2015. #sunsetspot

My friend Amy chooses a word every year, and I think that's a good idea.

I don't know if I have a word. More like a set of ideas. Scaling back my involvements (no blog hops, swaps, bees, or running anything) was a hard but important decision. Piper starts preschool and the parental involvement is really high at her school; I want to be present for that.

I want to write every day. I did this for 2.5 years and it was amazing. (I write probably 27 days a month, so this isn't a stretch for me. Sometimes it's ten words, sometimes it's ten thousand.)

I want to connect more. I'm anxious, introverted, and naturally a homebody, so eye contact and learning names is terrifying. (I tend to put on this bright, false face and just talk the whole time.) So working on that would be a step in the right direction.

I want to sew almost exclusively from my stash.

I want to keep thinking critically and increase my knowledge.

I want to read more books (and mostly books by female authors). I want to seek out points of view of people that aren't already represented in my life, to gain better understanding and insight. I want to act with intelligence but more than that, compassion.

I want to do no harm, but take no crap.

There's a lot more, but that's just what's at the top of the pile right now.

Happy New Year, everyone. x

I am exceedingly pleased with how well this cute @patchworkthreads tee coordinated with my ModCloth cardi. Eeek!



[Monday] Night Plan

Not much can prevent me from missing a blog entry, especially one I love as much as the Sunday Plan. I like having my week sorted, my projects laid out and ordered well, my goals sharpened for the days ahead. It suits me wonderfully to check in on Wednesday and adjust accordingly. And it tickles me pink to see those tasks get crossed off, one by one.

This did not happen this weekend. Let me explain.

I had the busiest Friday I've had in a long time. First I went to Mothers' Group, then had tea with Jen, ate a toasty at my favorite café, then snuck in some delicious chocolate with my darling husband. After that I traipsed to FYA Book Club, with our final stop at the Night Noodle Markets to grab pork buns before heading home. All in a (twelve-hour) day's work, right? We did good, the kid and I.

My plan for Saturday morning was to have brunch with a few friends, then come home and sew my sister's quilt top. My plan for Saturday morning was NOT to wake up at five-thirty completely and disgustingly ill. I turned to Mr Poppleton and said, "I don't feel so good."

I'm going to use one of those words my mom hates, and I'm going to say it straight out: food poisoning SUCKS. (Sorry, Mom.) It was short, but awful. I attributed it to those darn pork buns and on Sunday we cautiously went about our business. All seemed well. I was quite worried that Piper would get sick but by the end of Sunday I was up and about, organising and cleaning, and even ate some food.

Around 10pm (the time I usually begin my Sunday Planning), Mr Poppleton got a funny look on his face and said, "I don't feel so good." And lo, he did not feel so good either. Argh. Pork buns, we've learned our lesson. No more street food.

Anyway, I'm sorry. I promise I wasn't slacking. I was genuinely gross. And as of right now, I'm getting stuff accomplished. WOOT, right? WOOT. Silver lining, etc etc. So, here is my adjusted Monday night plan for this week.


x Christmas present lists finalized!
x 2 more hex blocks, 4 more Elwood Rose blocks
x Some hand-quilting on J5's finished (!) quilt top


x Any. Some. Geez.
x NaNoWriMo planning


x I'm reasonably sure my kitchen hasn't been properly mopped since I was, er, pregnant. Making that a priority this week!

So that's it for this week. I'm hoping to get a few more things done by the weekend, but for now I'll leave you with the image of my littlest sister's quilt top, which is finished and, since this photo was taken, the back pieced and battinged and pin-basted. Ta-da! Accomplishments!

Ultraviolet quilt