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a year and change.

I didn't plan to take a year off blogging. I had so many cool projects planned! I have a lot to say, about everything, all of the time! But life got in the way, and a lot of it was painful and immediate and I didn't know how to process it, so I kept quiet on this platform. I stuck to Instagram and Facebook, and I slowed my sewing way down.

I hated these :)))) but they're done :))))) #jennteasweetbeans

Long story short: we started having problems with our daughter's school in the third week of term, and the subsequent twelve months were spent finding doctors, getting tested, trying new therapies, and ending up with... a diagnosis of a speech delay. Which we already knew.

It was a very hard year.

We are in a new school now, which is closer to our house. It's a parish school, co-ed, and takes kids pre-k through year 6. P tested high for her age group in maths, logic, and puzzles, and low for speech (which, again, we totally knew) and her teacher is on top of speech and social skills as well as keeping her busy. When she came home after less than two weeks and could write her own name, I cried. I cry when she tells me about all her friends and her teacher and what they did every day. I cry because last year she was so miserable and misunderstood and I was scared it ruined school for her, and it feels like we've been given a massive second chance for her to love learning.

I feel like I can finally breathe.

I like that they like each other. Yesterday Piper taught Owen "ring around the rosie". #latergram

Here's hoping I can get back to writing, sewing, and living again, and that I come back to this space to record it.

My favorite picture from Tokyo Disney. 💖

It's lovely to be covered in babies. :) Even babies who brought the daycare sandbox home in their hair and trousers... 😜