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shower time

Yesterday my good friends Rach and Lucie threw a baby shower for myself and Piper. I got the idea of waiting until the baby was born from my mom, who always had her baby showers after the birth! It's nice because you know what colors to buy and everyone gets to cuddle the baby.

Lucie is Piper's godmother, and she takes her responsibilities in that area very seriously!

piper & aunt lucie

Rachie's partner Ben was on hand before the party started, making us sandwiches, helping move furniture, and...charming Piper's socks off! Look at her flirting with him.

piper loves ben.

The food was amazing, and there was so much of it!

nana's rocky road

garden punch


The spread was gorgeous. I was so grateful that Rachie's mum Kathy let us use her beautiful house while she is away in South America visiting my brother-in-law and his wife! (PS That is how I know Rachie. She's my sister-in-law's sister.)

such a feast

My favorite touch was the bunting - Puffin postcards from a box I impulse-bought over a year ago!

party bunting

It was beautiful, and it was amazing to catch up with all my uni friends. Piper made a new friend too!

piper & mr stripes

Mr Floyd Stripes, Esq. Mr Stripes fascinated her. He has already found pride of place at home on the coffee table, ready at a moment's notice.

It really was a beautiful day. Thank you so much Rach and Lucie for organizing it, and to everyone who turned up!


mondays are good.

I did get some things done today, not all of them crafty, but important tasks nonetheless. I'd been putting off making an appointment, but I bit the bullet and rang the doctor to make it. I had blood drawn for postnatal checks. I posted all 120 birth announcements five weeks later than I finished them. I bundled up the Cotton Candy Quilt so it is all ready to post on Thursday. I washed and dried my nephew's and nieces' quilts, chain-pieced the four-patch blocks for J3's quilt, and started working on my curved star hexagon blocks (there are six, and I am hand-sewing them). And I cleaned the kitchen!

But the real reason today is such a good day? My friend Ellen had her baby. Welcome to the world, Olive Margaret! I am so excited to meet you!

Now, I am off to bed with my very own big, demanding baby, and my very sleepy husband. I'm not going to leave the house tomorrow, I've decided. It is much nicer inside sewing, after all that excitement. So perhaps tomorrow night's post will be even more victorious. I aim to be replete with sewing smugness!