a camille roskelley class, a trip to melbourne, and some sewing!
Friday, June 27, 2014 at 11:46PM
Penny Poppleton


It has been a frustrating few weeks. While I love sewing, and it is defintely one of my favorite "me" things to do, lately it's been feeling like a burden. This is due to show deadlines.

I have had a few breaks, though! 19 June saw me and a group of friends descend upon Kim's to take a Camille Roskelley class. I was curious, having bought and used Thimble Blossoms patterns and Bonnie & Camille fabric, but I wouldn't have called myself a fangirl or anything. But then I met Camille and she is so sweet.

Me & Camille Roskelley. Guys, she is so adorable it's unreal. I had SO MUCH FUN today! ❤️❤️❤️ #redletteraustralia @kimbradleycreations @thimbleblossoms

It was a bit nice to talk to someone who shares so many cultural roots, not an experience I often get here. The class was also a lot of fun. I got most of the bitsy sewing done, finished four blocks, and learned a really nifty trick to finish the quilt top the next morning while the kids were eating breakfast!

These are the ones I made in class today. This quilt is going to be so soft & subtly warm. #redletteraustralia

It is a pretty quilt top, even if it IS super hard to photograph it!!  #dangoldsunshine #redletteraustralia

That was a really great day. Camille Roskelley was just a lovely human and I'm glad I have had the joy of taking her class. It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and I am so grateful!

But then it was back to show quilts. Stitching on binding and hanging sleeves are not my faves. In typical Jenn fashion, though, I have been procrasti-sewing. Finding little projects to make. Little extras to sew. And how they have come in handy!

I made some Drawstring Bags (Pattern by Jeni Baker of In Color Order) using my leftover Meadow fabric. And the pincushion is from Anna Maria Horner's Seams To Me book.

My little Meadow drawstring bags were lonely. They needed a pincushion caddy to hang out with. :)

I also made some fabric baskets, using Nova's excellent pattern. I just can't stop sewing with Meadow!

Okay. This is the last one. I swear. Then back to quilts. (Maybe.)

And finally, I made a Super Tote!

SuperTote front

I used some hoarded Melody Miller fabric, along with Echino dots, and my Spoonflower Mermaid fabric and some Alexander Henry Heath in Pink. The straps are Echino webbing.

SuperTote back & recessed zipper

I like the way this bag is big but not too big. I carried it to Melbourne and back and it fitted a LOT of stuff!

SuperTote inside

I didn't follow the pocket instructions; I made my own. But the original pattern is superb! I will definitely be making more.

So - yesterday I flew down to Melbourne for the day to spend some time with my rad friend Alys and to go to the Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair. It was so great to meet Alys and just hang out -- she is so lovely! -- and of course it was nice to get away and see a different city for a little while.

I don't know how I took zero pictures of Alys and I together. What a grievous oversight. Especially since how cute are we? (CUTE. We are cute.)

We wandered around and this is the only quilt I am risking eternal hellfire for posting a picture of on the internet (if it must be removed, please let me know, I'll remove it!):

My favorite quilt from the Melbourne show - 22,500 1/4" hexagons! Stunning!!

So that quilt was made with 22,500 quarter-inch hexagons. Get. Out. Of. Town.

It was my absolute favorite.

I stopped by the Maze & Vale booth and bought a ton of gorgeous fabric. Leslie is just the sweetest. It was really lovely to get to say hello to someone whose artistry I admire so much!

Maze & Vale

And, honestly, who could go past Liberty fat quarters? Oh, they were good. From The Strawberry Thief.

Liberty Tana Lawn

Alys and I wrapped up with pasta on Southbank, and she dashed off to a fundraiser while I vagued in the general direction of the airport. (This little introvert was SO peopled out. I am amazed I was coherent at all. That was more energy than I'd been able to expend in a long time!)

I had a really nice time in Melbourne, and even being unable to catch an earlier flight just meant I had a solid two hours of silent, by-myself time. This busy mama can't complain about a chance to sit and sew hexagons!

I did find it really funny when a grouchy older man snidely commented to his wife, "...kids these days" while looking over my blue hair. I haven't been called a KID in a while! It was so startling I actually laughed out loud to overhear it. Ahh, well, you can't please everyone and why would anyone want to? :)

There is much more to come - I'd like to blog about THREAD soon and I'm dying to talk about my latest hexie project. And of course the show is looming!

Take care! xx



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